Host Stu Goswick welcomes Santa Fe University of Art & Design Professors Terry Borst & Tom Miller with media student Jessica Minich to preview the exciting Outdoor Vision Fest on Apr 26. OVF celebrates the creativity of collaborations of SFUAD art, tech and media students. 

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Stu’s guests are veteran Hollywood actor David Frankham and actor Jonathan Dixon who inspired David to write his memoir.  Frankham is a wonderful teller of the stories of his amazing career.

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Santa Fe Community College film crew III students Eden Radfarr and Sabina Dunn join Stu to discuss upcoming productions within the film program

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Stu’s guest John Armijo is a historian at the New Mexico film office, here today to talk about film in New Mexico

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Peter Kershaw and Monique Anair talk with Stu about what is currently in production at the Santa Fe Community College Film Program

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On Friday, March 22, Stu featured some clips from a speech Santa Fe Mayor David Coss gave at a city council meeting on Wednesday, February 27 about his support of the unions.  This is a full version of that speech.

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Host Stu Goswick leads a lively discussion with NM film industry advocate Eric Witt and IATSE 480 filmworkers union business agent Jon Hendry about the recent NM Legislative session and the success of the Breaking Bad Bill.  Stu also plays some clips from a speech Santa Fe Mayor David Coss gave at a city council meeting on Wednesday, February 27 about his support of the unions.  To hear the full speech, please see our special podcast titled, "Cinema Scope Special - Mayor Coss Union Speech 2-27-13".

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The SFCC Film department announces a new comedy channel started by students of the department called "Comedy Con Queso" on You Tube starting April 1st (no foolin') with guests Gene Mederos, Patrick Reid, Anjelica Loya, and a surprise call in by a Yak herder named Jack.

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Stu Goswick interviews Dan Garrity, associate news director for KSFR about his early career in film, TV, and stage as well as his observations on the film industry in New Mexico.

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CHARLIE GRAVINA & JAMES LEE preview the new & exciting FILMSTOCK FESTIVAL in Albuquerque. 

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NM SPRING FILM FESTS BUZZ! Stu's guests are ANNA COSENTINE, director of the upcoming and ever-so-fabulous TAOS SHORTZ FILM FESTIVAL

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Stu Goswick welcomes special guest Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future, Taxi …) along with Charlie Khan and Eb Lottimer to talk about the film and tv business and Chris Lloyd’s acting workshop in Santa Fe and Albuquerque this weekend.

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Stu Goswick welcomes film makers Jilann Spitzmiller and Hank Rogerson previewing their film “Still Dreaming” screening soon at Reel New Mexico.

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Ivan Weener and Lany Qwirk; Valerie More and Brad Hopkins

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