Eileen Street and Luca Ceccarelli of High Definition NM and Director’s Edge, a new co. and online school

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Host Stu Goswick welcomes award-winning NM filmmaker/cinematographer DYANNA TAYLOR to discuss her documentary on her famous grandmother Dorothea Lange:Grab a Hunk of Lightning. It airs on PBS Friday August 29.

Direct download: CinemaScope_08222014_Dyanna_Taylor.mp3
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BARBARA BENTREE (NMWIF) and PETER KERSHAW (Duchy Parade Films) preview next Tuesday's NM Women in Film event: Sound Practices for Productions about creating great sound for film/tv. CINEMA SCOPE 6:30pm MST on & 101.1FM SFe/Taos. Happy Indian Mkt Weekend!

Direct download: CinemaScope_08222014_Barbara_Bentree_Peter_Kershaw.mp3
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Host Linda McDill welcomes Matt Rauchberg (VP ABQ Studios), Eric Witt (Advisor for Govt Relations), Joyce Smith (Studio Concierge), and Kate Noble (Economic Development Dept, City of Santa Fe).  In depth conversation in response to the recent good news from the independent study of NM Film/TV Production Incentives.

Direct download: CinemaScope_08152014.mp3
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Host Stu Goswick chats with SFe Community College adjunct film professor Milton Riess about the exciting film classes offered for the fall semester.

Direct download: CinemaScope_08082014_Milton_Riess.mp3
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Filmmakers Mary Darling & Ashley Baca preview the showing of their film, ‘Her Way’ which premieres at WESST on August 15.

Direct download: CinemaScope_08082014_Mary_Darling_Ashley_Baca.mp3
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Screenwriter Kirk Ellis discusses his career screen writing such productions as “Grass Harp”, “Into The West”, “John Adams”, and “Anne Frank: The Whole Story” as well as his new digital gaming project, “The Order: 1886.”

Direct download: CinemaScope_08012014_Kirk_Ellis.mp3
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Cinematographer Bill Mitchell discusses his footage archive at  , his career as a videographer, and his tourism project idea for Santa Fe’s plaza.

Direct download: CinemaScope_08012014_Bill_Mitchell.mp3
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Tonight on Cinema Scope, Dirk Norris of the NM Film Foundation updates us on current programs his non-profit is sponsoring including the G.R.R. Martin Sci Fi / Fantasy Screenwriting Grant, Lockheed Martin Filmmaker Contaest, NM Actors Showcase, and the "life in NM" media project.

Direct download: CinemaScope_07252014_Dirk_Norris.mp3
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In the second half, Dusty Webb, Miriam Roybal, and Mitch O'Daye recount the recent Eve the Python escape and recapture as well as humane snake treatment, capture and relocation alternatives.

Direct download: CinemaScope_07252014_DustyWebb.mp3
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Stu welcomes NM Film Office Director Nick Maniatis to discuss the state of the NM Film & TV industry – all good news.

Direct download: CinemaScope_07282014_Nick_Maniatis.mp3
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David Frankham offers another segment in his Hollywood Memories series.

Direct download: CinemaScope_07282014_David_Frankham.mp3
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Author / Toltec Spirit Guide Gini Gentry (Dreaming Down Heaven) and Author / Film Maker Betsy Chasse (What The Bleep Do We Know?) talk about their work and their upcoming workshop ‘Remedial Angel Training’ in Santa Fe.

Direct download: CinemaScope_07182014_Gini_Gentry_Betsy_Chasse.mp3
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Host Stu Goswick welcomes director Peter Kershaw (Duchy Parade Films) and Dutch writer-director Ruud Satijn.  Satijn is in NM scouting location, talent and crew for his upcoming feature film.  

Filmmaker Alejandro Montoya discusses his successes with his film 'The Princess and the Musician' now screening at festivals nationwide.

Direct download: CinemaScope_071114.mp3
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Host Stu Goswick welcomes writer/director CHRISTINE McHUGH, whose recent music video OLDER LADIES went viral on youtube and was also featured last night on Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN. 

 SFe INDEPENDENT FILM FEST director LIESETTE PAISNER previews the upcoming free screening party of Rocky Horror in Railyard Park and promotes this year's October film festival.

Direct download: CinemaScope_6_27_2014.mp3
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Host Stu Goswick welcomes NM film/media biz Producer & Attorney Jose Jehuda Garcia who will speak to NM Women in Film Tuesday about the various legal issues everyone in every production needs to know.

Direct download: CinemaScope_06202014_Jose_Jehuda_Garcia.mp3
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Toby Younis joins Stu to talk about his successful Streaming NM and the WESST business incubator/studio in Abq.  

Direct download: CinemaScope_06202014_Toby_Younis.mp3
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Cinema Scope June 13, 2014 Carolyn Handler Miller

Direct download: CinemaScope_06132014_Carolyn_Handler_Miller.mp3
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CCA Cinemateque director Jason Silverman previews CCA’s 35th Anniversary event this weekend.

Direct download: CinemaScope_06132014_Jason_Silverman.mp3
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Emmy Award winning screenwriter Kirk Ellis talks about his ‘Night With Fatty Arbucle’ Monday night at Jean Cocteau Cinema

Direct download: CinemaScope_06132014_Kirk_Ellis.mp3
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Host Stu Goswick welcomes author Joe Lansdale and screenwriter director Jim Mickle to preview the movie ‘Cold In July’ screening at Jean Cocteau this weekend.

Direct download: CinemaScope_06062014_Jim_Mickle_Joe_Lansdale.mp3
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Carissa Mitchell (Applause Talent) and Tina Presley-Borek announce their new partnership as Mitchell-Presley Talent Group, representing actors for Film and TV.

Direct download: CinemaScope_06062014_Carissa_Mitchell_Tina_Presley-Borek.mp3
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Host Stu Goswick welcomes Dirk Norris, President of the New Mexico Film Foundation and film editor Shelene Bridge to discuss the Life in NM media project, which highlights the NM post-production industry.

Direct download: CinemaScope_05302014_Dirk_Norris_Shelene_Bridge.mp3
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Senior VP of Albuquerque Studios, Matt Rauchberg, brings all the news about film & TV shows filming now at Albuquerque Studios.

Direct download: CinemaScope_05302014_Matt_Rauchberg.mp3
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Host Stu Goswick welcomes film and stage actor Christopher Hagen and A&M Talent House owner / agent Jody Black to talk about their experiences on ‘A Million Ways To Die In The West’ which is in theaters now.  Also, a Hollywood Memory from David Frankham.

Direct download: CinemaScope_05232014_Christopher_Hagen_Jody_Black.mp3
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Jazz Pianist John Rangel and Vocalist Barbara Bentree preview the upcoming concert with esteemed film composer Dave Grosin for the Santa Fe Waldorf School.

Direct download: CinemaScope_05162014_Barbara_Bentree_John_Rangel.mp3
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NM Film Office Local Outreach Program Manager, Lindsey Valdez, promotes the 2nd annual NM Film & Media Industry Conference in Albuquerque May 30-31.

Direct download: CinemaScope_05162014_Lindsey_Valdez.mp3
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Host Stu Goswick welcomes Puck Stair, locations scout and manager for the NM Film & TV industry, discussing her recent attendance at the Locations Expo in LA.

Direct download: CinemaScope_05092014_Puck_Stair.mp3
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Victoria Bruneni, General Manager of Inn at Santa Fe talks about her work as hospitality service to the film & tv industry.

Direct download: CinemaScope_05092014_Victoria_Bruneni.mp3
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Dirk Norris with presents an Actor’s Workshop Featuring Laura Gardner of the World Famous Howard Fine Acting Studio on May 3rd and 4th.

Direct download: CinemaScope_05022014_NM_Film_Foundation.mp3
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Peter Kershaw and James Lujan of IAIA announce the “Awarding Of Films” program being presented on May 8th and screened on May 14th.  Interviews also with students Brian Bolmon and Nick Hasley who are presenting their films.

Direct download: CinemaScope_05022014_IAIA.mp3
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Terry Borst, Tom Miller, and Chase Stafford with the Santa Fe University of Art and Design discuss “Outdoor Vision Fest” happening on Friday, May 2, 2014 at 8:45pm.  

Direct download: CinemaScope_04252014_Outdoor_Vision_Fest.mp3
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Jon Hendry discusses his experiences in Silver City, NM and Ludlow, CO with Labor Worker’s Abuse and Tragedy commemorative events as well as the screening of “Salt Of The Earth” at the upcoming Santa Fe Film Festival, May 1-4.

Direct download: CinemaScope_04252014_Jon_Hendry.mp3
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This interview was recorded in the Silver City area during the 60th anniversary celebration of the mine worker’s strike that inspired the film “Salt Of The Earth.”  Mr. Humble is a local town historian that has written several books on this and other local historical events in the community.  Recorded March 14, 2014.

Direct download: CinemaScope_SpecialFeature_Terry_Humble.mp3
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This interview was recorded in the Silver City area during the 60th anniversary celebration of the mine worker’s strike that inspired the film “Salt Of The Earth.”  Ms. Valencia was 14 years old at the time and a victim of the violence surrounding that strike.  Recorded March 14, 2014.

Direct download: CinemaScope_SpecialFeature_Rachel_Juarez_Valencia.mp3
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Host Stu Goswick welcomes Master Ken, star of ‘Enter the Dojo’ fame and his alter ego / creator / director Matt Page.  Also David Frankham presents his Hollywood Memory of his friendship with Elizabeth Taylor.

Direct download: CinemaScope_04182014_Master_Ken.mp3
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Shelene Bridge, Aimee Broustra, and Lina McDill preview the NM Women in Film event ‘The Art and Technique of the Director – Editor Collaboration.’

Direct download: CinemaScope_04112014_Women_in_Film.mp3
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Santa Fe University of Art and Design student Freedom Hopkins discusses his senior thesis film, Capstone, and the upcoming screening of 3 Works – 2 Films

Direct download: CinemaScope_04112014_Freedom_Hopkins.mp3
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The Second Half features a talk with Aaron Leventman with the Santa Fe Film Festival to be presented on May 1-4.

Direct download: CinemaScope_04042014_Santa_Fe_Film_Festival.mp3
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The first half of  the show features “The 1st Annual Wild Horse Film Showcase,” showing at the Palace of the Governors auditorium on April 5th.  Four films presented by Jacqueline Fleming with the Cimarron Sky – Dog Reserve.  Donna Wells also joins the discussion.

Direct download: CinemaScope_04042014_Wild_Horse_Film_Showcase.mp3
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Writer/producer/SFCC prof MILTON RIESS, MAKUL GADDE & MAXINE PAUL have an interesting discussion about their sci-fi time travel film, THE KAMMLER CODE, now in production.

Direct download: CinemaScope_03282014_The_Kammler_Code.mp3
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Host Stu Goswick welcomes film director/SFCC prof PETER KERSHAW and his advanced Film Crew 3 students, TJ JONES, ADRIANA RIVERA & KYLE LUKE to discuss their final semester film project.

Direct download: CinemaScope_03282014_SFCC_Film_Crew_III.mp3
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Stu’s guests: Jim Wilson, Todd Lowe, Chris Kane, Madelyn Deutch, Hugo Perez; the associated members of the production team of “50 to 1,” the film about the New Mexico horse Mine That Bird who won the Kentucky Derby.  Also, a special 2 minutes with actor David Frankham.

Direct download: CinemaScope_03212014_50_to_1.mp3
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Miles Conway, communications director of the events surrounding the 60th Anniversary celebrations of ‘Salt Of The Earth’ documentary.

Direct download: CinemaScope_03142014_Miles_Conway.mp3
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Stu Goswick welcomes Taos Shortz Festival Director Anna Cosentine to preview the upcoming festival and parties in Taos.  Artist Veronique Maria, the subject of one of the films, joins in the conversation.

Direct download: CinemaScope_03142014_Taos_Shortz_Festival.mp3
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Writer-Director Mark Gordon joins host Stu Goswick to discuss his made for TV film, ‘Awakening in Taos.’

Direct download: CinemaScope_03072014_Mark_Gordon.mp3
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Stu Goswick hosts a lively and informative conversation with Albuquerque Studio’s Vice President Matt Rauchberg about the upcoming TV show, ‘Hieroglyph’ which starts shooting there soon.

Direct download: CinemaScope_03072014_Matt_Rauchberg.mp3
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Santa Fe Film Festival Director, Nani Rivera, previews the upcoming May festival

Direct download: CinemaScope_02272014_Nani_Rivera.mp3
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Host Stu Goswick welcomes Oscar-nominee (Lone Survivor) David Brownlow to talk about his work and his week leading up to the big award ceremony

Direct download: CinemaScope_02272014_David_Brownlow.mp3
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Dirk Norris, President of New Mexico Film Foundation and Anne Stirling, Friends of Film, Video, & The Arts, discuss the “Life in New Mexico” media project focusing on post-production in New Mexico.

Direct download: CinemaScope_02212014_Dirk_Norris_Anne_Stirling.mp3
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Host Stu Goswick offers interviews from Film & Media Day; Nick Maniatas, Director of New Mexico Film Office and Lindsey Valdez, Outreach Coordinator for the Film Office.

Direct download: CinemaScope_02212014_Nick_Maniatas_Lindsey_Valdez.mp3
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SFCC film professor Jilann Spitzmiller previews her film fundraising class.

Direct download: CinemaScope_02142014_Jilann_Spitzmiller.mp3
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TV writer (Hill Street Blues) Jeff Lewis invites our audience to his book release event for “Inquisitor’s Diary.”

Direct download: CinemaScope_02142014_Jeff_Lewis.mp3
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Host Stu Goswick welcomes writer-director Sydney Freeland to discuss her film, “Drunktown’s Finest,” a New Mexico Film shown recently at Sundance Film Festival

Direct download: CinemaScope_02142014_Sydney_Freeland.mp3
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Host Stu Goswick and IATSE 480 Business Agent, Jon Hendry talk about Film & Media Day and other film-related news.

Direct download: CinemaScope_02072014_Jon_Hendry.mp3
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Host Stu Goswick welcomes Kamayou Tadfor (Afreeka Santa Fe) and The Screen manager, Peter Grendle, preview the Remembering Mandela event on February 7, 2014

Direct download: CinemaScope_02072014_Kamayou_Tadfor_Peter_Grendle.mp3
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Host Stu Goswick's very special guest is world-renown filmmaker/director GODFREY REGGIO (Koyaanisqatsi trilogy). He discusses his interesting life as a monk within the Congregation of Christian Brothers, his social activism work and what inspired him to pioneer a film style that creates poetic images of extraordinary emotional impact. His new film, Visitors, opens tonight at the Screen in Santa Fe. Wonderful, insightful interview with this fascinating filmmaker.

Direct download: CinemaScope_01312014.mp3
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The second half of the show features Dia Cordova-Hahn who discusses her role as set teacher on film productions throughout the state with infants and children on location.

Direct download: CinemaScope_01242014_Dia_Cordova_Hahn.mp3
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Cinema Scope welcomes author G. R. R. Martin to discuss his early literary influences and the screening and discussion of “The Last Unicorn” at the Jean Cocteau with author Peter S. Beagle.

Direct download: CinemaScope_01242014_G_R_R_Martin.mp3
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Host Stu Goswick welcomes Eric Schultz, a new faculty member of the SFCC Film Department.  He also talks about his path as teacher and journalist to documentary film making and teaching video production at SFCC.

Direct download: CinemaScope_01172014_Eric_Schultz.mp3
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Assistant the Business Manager of IATSE 480, about the upcoming Film and Media Day at the New Mexico State Capitol.

Direct download: CinemaScope_01172014_Annie_Chastain.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:32pm MDT

SFCC film professor/filmmaker, MILTON RIESS, recounts his interesting roots and his career in the film biz and previews his upcoming classes in the SFCC Film Dept.

Direct download: CinemaScope_01102014_Milton_Riess.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:27am MDT

Host Stu Goswick talks with JON BOWMAN, manager of the wonderful JEAN COCTEAU CINEMA about the GAME of THRONES marathon showings and the offbeat & fabulous films and events coming up soon.

Direct download: CinemaScope_01102014_Jon_Bowman.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:26am MDT

The Screen Santa Fe is celebrating its 15th anniversary this month.  Manager Peter Grindle and film curator Brent Kliewer join host Stu Goswick to discuss the history and the future of Santa Fe’s World, Art, and Independent Cinema Theater.

Direct download: CinemaScope_01032014_Peter_Grindle_Brent_Kiewer.mp3
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Tobi Ives, Senior Manager of Production at the New Mexico Film Office, presents a retrospective of the great film and TV work going on in New Mexico during the past year and discusses film incentives and more.

Direct download: CinemaScope_01032014_Tobi_Ives.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:48pm MDT

Host Stu Goswick wraps up the year with segments of his favorite interviews from 2013, including Victoria Price, daughter of actor Victor Price, awarding-winning actor Christopher Lloyd, Director Peter Kershaw with his visiting British parents Viola & Savile Kershaw and our late friend, Dan Gerrity, actor and KSFR news director.

Direct download: CinemaScope_12272013_Favorites_of_2013.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:37am MDT

NM Film Biz Sound Pros BIL CLEMENT (The Avengers, In Plain Sight...) and BRETT BECKER (Lone Ranger, Breaking Bad...) and host Stu Goswick engage in a lively and deep conversation on 'room tone' and much more.

Direct download: CinemaScope_12202013_Bil_Clement_Brett_Becker.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:18pm MDT

Host Stu Goswick welcomes 12FPS, a cutting edge design & creative media agency. The San Francisco-based company recently opened a SFe office at the Film School at SFe U of Art & Design. Owner, ADAM SCHANING PROKRASSO, Producer DWIGHT BURKS and Production Coordinator JOAQUIN DUDELCZYCK join Stu for an interesting introduction to this successful, creative bunch of folks.

Direct download: CinemaScope_12202013_12FPS.mp3
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Jeff Jackson and Darien Fernandez of Taos Land and Film Company reveal their unusual and extraordinary approach to raising funds to make films and their plans to revive Taos Talking Pictures Festival.

Direct download: CinemaScope_12132013_Jeff_Jackson_Darien_Fernandez.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:51pm MDT

Stu Goswick chats with filmmakers Ben Rice and Daniel Carlton, discussing the showing of their film “Framing Enchantment” and about the New Mexico Film Industry

Direct download: CinemaScope_12132013_Ben_Rice_Daniel_Carlton.mp3
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Santa Fe Film Festival Managing Director, Nani Rivera joins Stu for an overview of Tune-Up!, a 3-day event of panels and open forums this weekend, sponsored by the festival. It promises to put New Mexican filmmakers, budding actors and businesses before decision-making casting agents, production leaders, buyers and NM Legislators. NM Women in Film president, Linda McDill, joins the discussion to promote the Women in Film's  'Evening of Honors' event Sunday at LaPosada de Santa Fe.

Direct download: CinemaScope_12062013_Nani_Rivera_Linda_McDill.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:24pm MDT

Stu welcomes guests Paula Amanda (Assoc Chair, the Film School at Santa Fe University of Art & Design / Director, Garson Studios) and Ziad Seirafi (CEO, Cosmic Forces) to discuss Cosmic Forces' new offices in the Film School building. CF specializes in high-end animation, motion graphics and new media for feature films and tv. CF is the fifth film-related business to open an office on the SFUAD campus in the Film School.

Direct download: CinemaScope_12062013_Paula_Amanda_Ziad_Seirafi.mp3
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Stu Goswick presents our annual Thankful & Hopeful program with prominent New Mexico Film Business friends and previous guests.  Guests include Dirk Norris, New Mexico Film Foundation; Jo Edna Boldin, Casting Director; Matt Page, Filmmaker / Actor (Enter The Dojo); Jilann Spitzmiller, Documentors; David Frankham, Actor; Jonathon Dixon, Actor; Jon Hendry, IATSE Filmworkers Union; Gene Mederos, Professor at Santa Fe Community College.

Direct download: CinemaScope_11292013_Thankfull_and_Hopeful.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:07pm MDT

Host Stu Goswick welcomes Marcia Torobin with the Santa Fe Jewish Film Festival discussing the films “Room 514” and “Life In Stills” as well as coming events in January and February.

Direct download: CinemaScope_11222013_Marica_Torobin.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:00pm MDT

In the second half Peter Grendle with The Screen discusses the Robert Redford movie “All Is Lost” as well as “Enzo Avita Bile” and documentary “The Human Scale”.

Direct download: CinemaScope_11222013_Peter_Grendle.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:00pm MDT

NANI RIVERA with Santa Fe Film Festival drops in to tout their fabulous Trailer Park Contest that will hopefully skyrocket a NM filmmaker into a tv show.

Direct download: CinemaScope_11152013_Nani_Rivera.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:07am MDT

Stu Goswick's guests are ANGELIQUE MIDTHUNDER & AMBER MIDTHUNDER, discussing Angelique's film and tv work as a stunt woman and her career as Casting Director with Midthunder Casting. Her daughter Amber talks about her film in post-production, '#nightslikethese'.

Direct download: CinemaScope_11152013_Angelique_Midthunder.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:06am MDT

Santa Fe Community College professor Peter Kershaw brings in Art Director Maurice Roeves and award winning Film Composer Gerald Fried to discuss recent works and successes.

Direct download: CinemaScope_11082013_Recent_Works_and_Successes.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:37pm MDT

President of New Mexico Women in Film, Linda McDill, and Casting Directors Holly Powell and JoEdna Boldin preview the upcoming Actors Audition Workshop sponsored by NMWIF.

Direct download: CinemaScope_11082013_Actors_Audition_Workshop.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:36pm MDT

Bradd Hopkins calls in to Cinema Scope to discuss his latest screenplay honors and his new film, “Taco Valley” that wrapped earlier this week.  Dirk Norris touts the 2013 Film Makers Showcase now touring the state.  Matt Page, also known as “Master Ken” of “Enter the Dojo” fame drops by the studio to update us on his tremendously successful webisode that is gaining fame (notoriously) world-wide.

Direct download: CinemaScope_11012013_Bradd_Hopkins_Dirk_Norris_Matt_Page.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:05pm MDT

Stu Goswick chats with Jilann Spitzmiller (Philomath Films) about the making of her new film, ‘Still Dreaming.’

Direct download: CinemaScope_11012013_Jilann_Spitzmiller.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:04pm MDT

Santa Fe Community College’s Film Club president Angelina Chavez announces the organization’s Spook House event on Halloween.  Stu Goswick also adds a personal, rather tongue-in-cheek public service announcement.

Direct download: CinemaScope_10252013_Angelina_Chavez.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:14pm MDT

Stu Goswick’s very special guest is Victoria Price, daughter of Hollywood icon Victor Price, talking about his life and career that spanned over 50 years.  Ms. Price will appear on Halloween at the Santa Fe Film Festival screening of House of Wax.  SFFF directors Nani Rivera and Anna Darrah join in the converstation with details on the October 31 event.

Direct download: CinemaScope_10252013_Victoria_Price.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:13pm MDT

New Mexico IATSE 480 Film Workers Union Business Agent Jon Hendry and Stu talk through a variety of professional and legal issues involving the New Mexico Community and the Union.

Direct download: CinemaScope_10182013_Jon_Hendry.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:04pm MDT

Host Stu Goswick welcomes Kids First! Executive Director Ranny Levy and 2 young Kids First! film critics Keefer Blakeslee and Gerry Orz to discuss the search for 12 kid film critics for 2014.

Direct download: CinemaScope_10182013_Kids_First.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:04pm MDT

Santa Fe Independent Film Festival is gearing up for their October 16-20th festival.  JACQUES PAISNER, Exec Director, KIMI GREEN, Co-Chair of the Advisory Board and DEREK HORNE, Director of Programming, preview the big plans for this month's festival.

Direct download: CinemaScope_10112013_Santa_Fe_Independent_Film_Festival.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:44am MDT

Guest Host & President of NM Women in Film, Linda McDill, chats with NMWIF Board Member AYNN KIRBY and Inn & Spa at Loretto's Corporate & Leisure Travel Manager, GUIN WHITE, about the 2013 NM Film & TV Industry Mixer both parties are sponsoring this Sunday.

Direct download: CinemaScope_10112013_Aynn_Kirby_Guin_White.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:07pm MDT

Host Stu Goswick discusses big news for the New Mexico Film Industry with Dirk Norris.  This week Dirk announces his creation of the New Mexico Film Foundation, a non-profit organization that will offer grants to independent New Mexico Film makers, including writers, producers, post-production, New Mexico festivals, and more.  Norris will serve as President-CEO

Direct download: CinemaScope_10042013_Dirk_Norris.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:00pm MDT

New Mexico Film Historian Jeff Berg promotes the showing of his collection of Made in New Mexico vintage films and discusses his work on his upcoming book, “Once Upon a Time in New Mexico,” that covers the rich history of film making in our state from 1897-1970.

Direct download: CinemaScope_10042013_Jeff_Berg.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:00pm MDT

NaNi Rivera and Anna Darrah share all the great news about the Santa Fe Film Festival.

Direct download: CinemaScope_09272013_Santa_Fe_Film_Festival.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:52pm MDT

Still Photographer and Documentarian Linda Carfagno talks with host Stu Goswick about her exciting career on set and capturing behind-the-scenes life in film from New Mexico to Cannes and beyond.

Direct download: CinemaScope_09272013_Linda_Carfagno.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:49pm MDT

Then IATSE 480 Filmworkers Union  … Jon Hendry and Stu discuss a variety of hot industry topics.

Direct download: CinemaScope_09202013_Jon_Hendry.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:39pm MDT

Stu Goswick welcomes Alex Usatine, owner of High Desert Digital, discussing his work on “Cosmos,” “Blaze You Out,” and more.  

Direct download: CinemaScope_09202013_Alex_Usatine.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:38pm MDT

Incoming and outgoing president of the SFCC Film Club, Angelina Chavez and Annie Buttons, chat with Stu about the great camaraderie and value of being a member of the Film Club.

Direct download: CinemaScope_09132013_Angelina_Chavez_Annie_Buttons.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:20am MDT

Host Stu Goswick welcomes Jon Bowman, manager of the newly refurbished and re-opened jewel of a Santa Fe theater, Jean Cocteau Cinema to discuss the great changes and the new format of films and events offered.

Direct download: CinemaScope_09132013_Jon_Bowman.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:19am MDT

Kimi Green announces this year’s Santa Fe Independent Film Festival activities and outreach programs.

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Peter Kershaw, Director and Teacher, discusses film classes at SFCC and his parents discuss their influence of his career in the early years.

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Christine McHugh discusses her first short film “On The Nature Of Hotness” which examines how we evaluate attractiveness in modern society.  It was the winner of Best Comedy Short at the New York International Film Festival.

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Allison Shigo announces the screening of “A Walk To Beautiful” at the CCA.  This is a documentary about the suffering and rejection of Ethopian Women after experiencing miscarriage and subsequent health tragedy.

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Stu welcomes Kingslea, Neil, and Rebecca to discuss their respective crafts: 1st camera assistant, grip, and script supervisor.  The also describe the unexpected paths that lead each of them to this challenging industry.

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