On this episode of Cinemascope Milt & Jim talk with Jessie Walsh about the cool programs at SFCC.

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In this episode, we’re speaking with a European film industry leader who’s dedicated countless hours to helping filmmakers and others in Ukraine since Russia’s full-scale war started in February 2022: Irena Gruca-Rozbicka. We're speaking with Irena about what it's like for filmmakers fighting on the frontlines and other Ukrainian filmmakers, as well as the easy ways that listeners can directly help them as they document the truth and fight for democracy. 


Irena has 20+ years in the professional audio-visual production press. Ten years ago, she co-founded an independent publishing house and the FilmPRO Foundation aimed at film education. Since then, she's published and edited FilmPRO – the most prominent Polish magazine about pre-production, production and postproduction. FilmPRO is the official magazine for the Polish Society of Cinematographers (PSC). In 2019, she moved to Germany and started working with Crew United as their European Development Coordinator. When Russia’s full-scaLe war on Ukraine began, she and the owner and managing partner of Crew United formed Filmmakers for Ukraine, which Cinema Scope host Genevieve Trainor is a part of.

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Sri Mirajkar is an actor, writer and director from Virginia. His short film Mera Daddu (My Grandpa) is winning awards and is in the film festival circuit. It stars Shishir Sharma and has environmental protection themes. 
Shishir Sharma is an accomplished actor with many years of experience in film and television. He is known for the Hindi films Raazi and Talvar. 
The film Mera Daddu also stars Arya Thakur as Aslam, who plays a very pivotal part in the film. 
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This week we are joined by film professional Robert Dennis, who shares his experiences with various film studios including Lucasfilm and HBO, among other fascinating occupations! Dennis helps us explore the extensive diversity of different production types throughout many levels of film studios.


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