Andrew "Rosey" Hayett, Director of Film Prize Jr. New Mexico - a statewide educational initiative that will support classrooms and youth organizations to create short films which will screen at a film festival in Santa Fe in April 2022.


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Writer and Director Naman Gupta:   An award-winning BIPOC director/writer and Ryan Murphy's Director Shadowing Program 2022 fellow, Naman grew up in India and worked against many odds to carve out a career for himself in the US. Diverse, inclusive and loves blending fiction with contemporary social issues so that his films can reach a wider audience. His immigrant background and his unique lived experiences (three countries and countless cities) help him bring a fresh and authentic voice, impassioned talent and a deep understanding of storytelling to all his projects.
Actress Sangeeta Agrawal: A seasoned actress with over 30 years experience in theatre and film. She is the recipient of the New Mexico Asian Film Festival award for Best Supporting Actress. 
Actor Raghuram Shetty: A passionate actor who likes to explore different emotions and acting styles. He too received an award for Best Supporting Actor for this film
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About Tarun Verma - 
Tarun Verma is a writer and director known for his film Conception. He is also a pharmacist and this film is a collection of all the stories told by his fertility patients over the years. As a fertility pharmacist and filmmaker, the stories touched his heart beyond measure and he felt compelled to tell a story that is accurate to the emotions felt by couples that go through it. He felt like this IS the
moment to bring fertility issues to light and this film is so relevant and timely and it deserves to be discussed and shared. Conception is available to rent on video streaming platforms.
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Originally from Montreal, Canada, Isabel Dréan is an award-winning director / producer and writer. Psychological thriller and suspense are her forte. Her series Manigances was optioned by a major studio. She has also written several Christmas films and her script Love Letter to Laos, based on her life experiences in Laos, is receiving good reviews. 
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