Dr. James Wysong, Dean of Arts and Design at SFCC, and Milton Reiss, Co-Chair of the Film Department at SFCC, discuss their love of the science fiction genre. They share the surprising links between classic films like Metropolis and the pop culture of today. Stay tuned for part II of this fascinating conversation!

In the second half of the show, Milton and James share details on local training opportunities within the NM film community.

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In this episode, British-Nigerian casting director, actor, teacher, and producer Dr. Nike Imoru shares her thoughts with artists who may be struggling to find their place in the industry and in our creative world. Based in the Pacific Northwest U.S., she's helping to transform the industry and opportunities for fellow filmmakers and actors around the globe.

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Orlando Skidmore is a Native American filmmaker and cinematographer in New Mexico. He owns the production company Mesa Mountain Film.
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Groundbreaking researcher and best-selling author Dr. Christian Busch spent the past 10 years figuring out a science-based approach to creating good luck. He says we’re looking at luck incorrectly. Connect the Dots: The Art and Science of Creating Good Luck is the culmination of his decade of research on serendipity, including his study of people who work in film.

In this episode, we dive into how you can change your trajectory for the better by accelerating your good luck.

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