Actor of Hollywood's Golden Age, David Frankham, (Stark Trek, Return of the Fly, Tales of Horror...) shares stories of his wonderful career. Actor Jonathan David Dixon previews his upcoming appearances on stage & screen.

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Abq Film & Music Experience Exec Dir Ivan Weiner promotes the ever-growing, successful festival June 1-7.

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Santa Fe Jewish Film Fest Director Marcia Torobin previews their upcoming Film Noir week-long event

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Peter Grendle and Austin Filmmaker Steve Mims announce the free sneak preview of Mim’s new film, Arlo & Julie, at the new Violet Crown Cinema.

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LoFi filmmaker Alejandro Montoya Marin recounts his experiences at the Cannes Film Festival, where his film is screened.

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Cinemascope welcomes Monique Anair, Kate Powell, Morse Bicknell, Liam Lockhart, and Diane Armitage to announce the 2015 Summer Film and Media Curriculum at Santa Fe Community College.

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Stu Goswick welcomes TOM DONNELLY, author & film history professor from Leeds University in England. Donnelly is here in NM researching a book he is writing about the film industry in New Mexico called Beyond Hollywood - Breaking Good: Film & TV Production in New Mexico.

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NM Film Office Director Nick Maniatis gives a great update on the status of the NM Film & TV Industry.

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International Cinematographers Guild honoree, David Jean Schweitzer, previews his project in the works, Hot Wind.

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