Tonight on Cinema Scope, Dirk Norris of the NM Film Foundation updates us on current programs his non-profit is sponsoring including the G.R.R. Martin Sci Fi / Fantasy Screenwriting Grant, Lockheed Martin Filmmaker Contaest, NM Actors Showcase, and the "life in NM" media project.

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In the second half, Dusty Webb, Miriam Roybal, and Mitch O'Daye recount the recent Eve the Python escape and recapture as well as humane snake treatment, capture and relocation alternatives.

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Stu welcomes NM Film Office Director Nick Maniatis to discuss the state of the NM Film & TV industry – all good news.

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David Frankham offers another segment in his Hollywood Memories series.

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Author / Toltec Spirit Guide Gini Gentry (Dreaming Down Heaven) and Author / Film Maker Betsy Chasse (What The Bleep Do We Know?) talk about their work and their upcoming workshop ‘Remedial Angel Training’ in Santa Fe.

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Host Stu Goswick welcomes director Peter Kershaw (Duchy Parade Films) and Dutch writer-director Ruud Satijn.  Satijn is in NM scouting location, talent and crew for his upcoming feature film.  

Filmmaker Alejandro Montoya discusses his successes with his film 'The Princess and the Musician' now screening at festivals nationwide.

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Host Stu Goswick welcomes writer/director CHRISTINE McHUGH, whose recent music video OLDER LADIES went viral on youtube and was also featured last night on Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN. 

 SFe INDEPENDENT FILM FEST director LIESETTE PAISNER previews the upcoming free screening party of Rocky Horror in Railyard Park and promotes this year's October film festival.

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