Dirk Norris, President of New Mexico Film Foundation and Anne Stirling, Friends of Film, Video, & The Arts, discuss the “Life in New Mexico” media project focusing on post-production in New Mexico.

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Host Stu Goswick offers interviews from Film & Media Day; Nick Maniatas, Director of New Mexico Film Office and Lindsey Valdez, Outreach Coordinator for the Film Office.

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SFCC film professor Jilann Spitzmiller previews her film fundraising class.

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TV writer (Hill Street Blues) Jeff Lewis invites our audience to his book release event for “Inquisitor’s Diary.”

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Host Stu Goswick welcomes writer-director Sydney Freeland to discuss her film, “Drunktown’s Finest,” a New Mexico Film shown recently at Sundance Film Festival

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Host Stu Goswick and IATSE 480 Business Agent, Jon Hendry talk about Film & Media Day and other film-related news.

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Host Stu Goswick welcomes Kamayou Tadfor (Afreeka Santa Fe) and The Screen manager, Peter Grendle, preview the Remembering Mandela event on February 7, 2014

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Host Stu Goswick's very special guest is world-renown filmmaker/director GODFREY REGGIO (Koyaanisqatsi trilogy). He discusses his interesting life as a monk within the Congregation of Christian Brothers, his social activism work and what inspired him to pioneer a film style that creates poetic images of extraordinary emotional impact. His new film, Visitors, opens tonight at the Screen in Santa Fe. Wonderful, insightful interview with this fascinating filmmaker.

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