The second half of the show features Dia Cordova-Hahn who discusses her role as set teacher on film productions throughout the state with infants and children on location.

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Cinema Scope welcomes author G. R. R. Martin to discuss his early literary influences and the screening and discussion of “The Last Unicorn” at the Jean Cocteau with author Peter S. Beagle.

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Host Stu Goswick welcomes Eric Schultz, a new faculty member of the SFCC Film Department.  He also talks about his path as teacher and journalist to documentary film making and teaching video production at SFCC.

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Assistant the Business Manager of IATSE 480, about the upcoming Film and Media Day at the New Mexico State Capitol.

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SFCC film professor/filmmaker, MILTON RIESS, recounts his interesting roots and his career in the film biz and previews his upcoming classes in the SFCC Film Dept.

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Host Stu Goswick talks with JON BOWMAN, manager of the wonderful JEAN COCTEAU CINEMA about the GAME of THRONES marathon showings and the offbeat & fabulous films and events coming up soon.

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The Screen Santa Fe is celebrating its 15th anniversary this month.  Manager Peter Grindle and film curator Brent Kliewer join host Stu Goswick to discuss the history and the future of Santa Fe’s World, Art, and Independent Cinema Theater.

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Tobi Ives, Senior Manager of Production at the New Mexico Film Office, presents a retrospective of the great film and TV work going on in New Mexico during the past year and discusses film incentives and more.

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Host Stu Goswick wraps up the year with segments of his favorite interviews from 2013, including Victoria Price, daughter of actor Victor Price, awarding-winning actor Christopher Lloyd, Director Peter Kershaw with his visiting British parents Viola & Savile Kershaw and our late friend, Dan Gerrity, actor and KSFR news director.

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