Then Liz Langston joins in to preview the upcoming 48 hour Film Project events this weekend.

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Linda McDill hosts … Veteran film / tv actor Geno Silva and screenwriter Cedric Griego to discuss Griego’s table reading of his new screenplay, “The Weeping Woman.”

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Linda McDill hosts today’s episode which features Holly Adams, director / writer / producer of the web series “The Man App” along with the star of the campy and colorful film, actress Jessica Osborne.

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Jason Silverman of Santa Fe’s Cinemateque at CCA calls in for a preview of summer and their new digital projectors.

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Then Matt Page and Master Ken join host Stu Goswick for an update on their wildly successful web series, “Enter The Dojo.”

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Co-founders of the Albuquerque Film & Media Experience, Ivan Weiner and Lainie Quirk, preview the kickoff of next week’s great film events planned.

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