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Stu welcomes Rene Reyes as he discusses the film "Where Is Home?" which he and co-creator Craig Clark produced.  The film screened at the Santa Fe Film Festival and the Taos Shortz Film Festival.  More info at

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Cinema Scope welcomes the New Mexico Post Alliance and Bradd Stoddard, president, Sherwin Lau, sound design workshop presenter, and Cary Brooks, post production Special FX workshop presenter in July.  More info at

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Guest Host Dirk Norris interviews Tracy Jordan, President of NM Film Foundation and discusses her trip to Latvia and her discovery of historical stories and cinematic treasures as well as announcing the New Mexico Film Foundation "Summer Soiree" on July 24th at the Scottish Rite Temple, more info at

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Dirk Norris interviews James Lujan, Dept Chari of Cinematic Arts & Technology Art at IAIA and member of the Santa Fe Film & Digital Media Commission.  They discuss immersive technology and storytelling across the spectrum of the universal human condition.

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New Mexico Women In Film announces the presentation of their “sage award” to Ms. Julia Cameron.  Valerie Moore and Christine McHugh discuss the event to take place on June 11th as well as future events later this year.

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Brendan Shephard, a film production coordinator discusses her advice to young (and older) filmworkers to “always have a backup plan.”  She has learned through personal experience and those of professional associates it is necessary to have an alternate income stream due to the intermittent nature of the business.  She has a gallery called “misfits” on canyon road.

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Eric Witt announces the pending formation of a Santa Fe City and County Film Commission that will facilitate permits, vendor services, public information, and more for not only Santa Fe but the entire Northern New Mexico corridor.

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David Rambaldi and Gary Harber announce the opening of “The Hollywood Connection” a company that offers line production script readings and analysis, location scouting, location management, and fair wages to background actors.

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Luca Ceccarelli announces the Cinefesta Italia Film Festival June 1-4 in the railyard area at Violet Crown and Jean Cocteau theaters.

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Ross Clay discusses his life as thespian, equestrian, martial artist, mime, dancer, and stunt coordinator and the action for film course he is teaching this summer at Santa Fe Community College – film department.

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