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Stu Goswick hosts SFe Indie Film Fest Exec Director, Jacques Paisner, previewing this weekend's outdoor screening event of Rocky Horror Picture Show in Railyard Park. Joining in with singing and dancing are 2 of the shadow actors performing tomorrow night, Raphaela Viereck & Tim Coggins.

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Then, New Mexico Film Office Outreach Programs Manager Dirk Norris stops in for a lively discussion about the current programs the state is offering to filmmakers and tourists.

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Linda McDill hosts Santa Fe Jewish Film Fest director Marcia Torobin to preview the upcoming sneak preview of “Fill The Void” at the Center for Contemporary Arts

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Then Crista with joins Linda to talk about all the excitement in New Mexico about the Lone Ranger and other big films and media news in the state.

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Linda McDill hosts Senior Vice President of Albuquerque Studios Matt Rauchberg to discuss the great successes of the 6 year old studio and The Lone Ranger which was shot there.

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Then Liz Langston joins in to preview the upcoming 48 hour Film Project events this weekend.

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Linda McDill hosts … Veteran film / tv actor Geno Silva and screenwriter Cedric Griego to discuss Griego’s table reading of his new screenplay, “The Weeping Woman.”

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Jason Silverman of Santa Fe’s Cinemateque at CCA calls in for a preview of summer and their new digital projectors.

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Linda McDill hosts today’s episode which features Holly Adams, director / writer / producer of the web series “The Man App” along with the star of the campy and colorful film, actress Jessica Osborne.

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Then Matt Page and Master Ken join host Stu Goswick for an update on their wildly successful web series, “Enter The Dojo.”

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