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Stu Goswick welcomes Taos Shortz Festival Director Anna Cosentine to preview the upcoming festival and parties in Taos.  Artist Veronique Maria, the subject of one of the films, joins in the conversation.

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Writer-Director Mark Gordon joins host Stu Goswick to discuss his made for TV film, ‘Awakening in Taos.’

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Stu Goswick hosts a lively and informative conversation with Albuquerque Studio’s Vice President Matt Rauchberg about the upcoming TV show, ‘Hieroglyph’ which starts shooting there soon.

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Santa Fe Film Festival Director, Nani Rivera, previews the upcoming May festival

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Host Stu Goswick welcomes Oscar-nominee (Lone Survivor) David Brownlow to talk about his work and his week leading up to the big award ceremony

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Dirk Norris, President of New Mexico Film Foundation and Anne Stirling, Friends of Film, Video, & The Arts, discuss the “Life in New Mexico” media project focusing on post-production in New Mexico.

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Host Stu Goswick offers interviews from Film & Media Day; Nick Maniatas, Director of New Mexico Film Office and Lindsey Valdez, Outreach Coordinator for the Film Office.

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SFCC film professor Jilann Spitzmiller previews her film fundraising class.

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TV writer (Hill Street Blues) Jeff Lewis invites our audience to his book release event for “Inquisitor’s Diary.”

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Host Stu Goswick welcomes writer-director Sydney Freeland to discuss her film, “Drunktown’s Finest,” a New Mexico Film shown recently at Sundance Film Festival

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